Matthew (tornredtuxedo) wrote,

last night

so last night was interesting, it was like around 1am and brendan had katie over and dan came over also, and he and I both were craving cigarettes but had no money, but katie gave me $5 to get some and I would bum some to dan but the only store open 24 hours is walgreen's and there was no way we were walking that far in the cold, so then I was going to take her car but then somehow we ended up all going, and they just let us out at walgreen's and dan and I went inside, the lady asked for my ID because I look young, so dan was asking if he looked young and then said he was 35, anyway, after we walked out, I guess brendan thought it would be funny to leave us there, so we were all pissed but decided to grin and bear it and just find our way back, so we were walking down the middle of the street smoking, talking about 'an american werewolf in london' because of the whole sticking to the road scene in it, then brendan pulled up behind us and said we can't smoke in the car, and at the time we didn't want to give up our cigarettes and the cold didn't seem to bad, so we just said we'll walk, but like 5 seconds after, our hands started going numb and we were freezing and I was yelling for them to come back, then to make it worse, we saw the clock tower off in the distance which meant we had like 3/4 of a mile to go, so we were all bitching and yelling at every car that passed by and freezing our asses off, and then one of the cars stopped and we were like 'oh shit' but it turned out to be one of dan's friends and they gave us a ride, there was only room for me, so dan decided to ride on the back of the truck, and a couple cars passed and we were terrified that they would be police cars but they weren't, so we get back and dan's face in frozen in place, he has a big wet stain on his pants from the snow and we are just laughing our asses off, then I ended up forgetting my keys and it was like 2am by now and rarely anyone was going in or out, but luckily we found someone to let us in. Then we caused some havoc for brendan in revenge, it was just all hilarious.
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